Joe Andrew: a gutty, right move

Dateline: Thu 01 May 2008

Hoosier superdelegate Joe Andrew's letter sent today, announcing his decision to switch rather than fight -- he has courageously withdrawn his support for Hillary Clinton and now backs Barack Obama -- says a great deal about the toll this primary campaign has taken on the Democratic party. But more importantly, it is a welcome testament to a man's struggle with his conscience and his tough willingness to stand with the most principled candidate.

Andrew, a heavy hitter, chairman of the Democratic National Committee during the Clinton years, does not believe that this protracted, painful and public dispute is energizing for the Dems, as Hillary Clinton has stated. The infighting, he argues in his May 1 "Dear Friends" epistle, is hurting their chances to elect the next president. John McCain, he says, is the beneficiary.

"Let us come together right now behind an inspiring leader who not only has the audacity to challenge the old divisive politics, but the audacity to make us all hope for a better America," writes Andrew.

The "old divisive politics" is the key code phrase.

Clinton, with her airs of entitlement, with her people who put the squeeze on, who call defectors "Judas," represents the pandering past; Obama, the community organizer, the grateful guy who believes in sharing the wealth, is the future. Andrew thus urges Indiana to "reject the old negative politics and vote for true change."

"Only a cynic would be critical of Barack Obama inspiring millions." he writes.

Here's to hope prevailing Tuesday -- not cynicism.

Thanks to Bruce Hetrick for forwarding a copy of the letter Andrew sent out. Here is the link, if you want to read it in its entirety:


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