RiShawn Biddle

Dateline: Fri 28 Mar 2008

RiShawn Biddle, terminated by the Indianapolis Star last all after he wrote on a Star blog that a city-county council was "a zip coon," has reached an agreement regarding some of the conditions of his firing. The Guild, the newspaper union, has handled negotiations on Biddle's behalf.

The news will be posted on the Guild's web site for its newsletter The Inkling, although nothing is up as of this writing.


Here is a statement from Guild president and Star reporter Abe Aamidor:

"The company agreed to not contest RiShawn's unemployment benefits from the state (which it could have done, as it previously claimed RiShawn had been fired for 'just cause'), and agreed to turn over copies of his entire personnel file, which contain some positive information and evaluations and which will be useful to him as he seeks new employment.

"In return, The Indianapolis Newspaper Guild has agreed to withdraw its demand for binding arbitration in the matter.

"RiShawn was apprised of this deal in a timely manner, weeks ago, and agreed to it in conversations with me.

"There was no 'no disclosure' clause in the agreement, or demand that RiShawn not sue at a later date.

Abe Aamidor

President, TNG-CWA 34070

The Indianapolis Newspaper Guild"

Best to RiShawn, who has continued to write articles on education and Indiana politics for the American Spectator.


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