Kip Tew in the Howey Report: It's the credibility, stupid

Dateline: Wed 26 Mar 2008

Today's electronic issue of Brian Howey's Politics Indiana has an interesting analysis from Kip Tew, the Indiana Obama campaign director, and Obama spokesman Dennis Griffs. The subject is Hillary Clinton's credibility, something Rush Limbaugh and other Republicans identified months ago as being her Achilles heel.

I'm amused that the rap on Clinton is always how smart she is. Yet she's dumb enough to misrepresent, time and again, her foreign policy expertise, including her recent lie that she landed in Bosnia under sniper fire. What, she thinks people are not monitoring this stuff? How dumb is that? And for those who've not caught the TV accounts, Clinton has made this claim of landing under sniper fire on at least three occasions. It was not just a one-time slip.

Here's what Tew has to say, as reported by Howey:

"'There's a pattern of behavior here of misleading statements to puff up her foreign policy,' (Kip) Tew said. 'We're talking about electability and whether the people in Indiana and America believe she is being honest.'

"Tew noted that a recent Gallup Poll revealed that 67 percent view Sen. John McCain as being honest, compared to 52 percent who believe Sen. Clinton is not honest.

"'Sen. Clinton's figure is staggering,' Tew said, coming 'after eight years of an untrustworthy president.' He said that Sen. Obama has a history of telling people 'not what they want to hear but what they need to know.'

"The Obama campaign said that on the Kosovo refugee issue, Clinton had claimed she helped refugees cross into Macedonia on March 14, 1999. They said the borders had been opened the day before. They said there was 'no evidence' that Clinton sought intervention into the Rwanda genocide. And, they said, Clinton's claims of pressing for Northern Ireland peace accords 'raised eyebrows' among 'senior diplomats.' Asked if the Obama campaign was calling Clinton 'a liar,' Tew responded, 'We're engaging the record.'"

I have to say: John McCain is a far more attractive candidate than Hillary Clinton will ever be. He's a person of integrity. Like Obama. Unlike Hillary and for that matter, Bill Clinton, who continues to pander and distort on Hillary's behalf.

"Shame on you!" (to quote Hillary).


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