The Star losing Tom Rietmann

Dateline: Mon 24 Mar 2008

This landed in my inbox last week, when I was too sick to read email. If you've already heard it, please join me in wishing Tom the very best; he's one of the good guys. And he has the distinction of being No. 200 to exit since Gannett waltzed in...

Here's the Star memo from sports editor Jim Lefko:

"Jim Lefko/INI

03/18/2008 09:18 AM





Tom Rietmann leaving The Star

After nearly three decades at The Star and The News, assistant sports editor Tom Rietmann has announced his resignation. His last day is set for April 5.

Tom has become a staple of the sports department in nearly 27 years at Indianapolis newspapers. He preceded the Colts to town by three years and has been helping chronicle their ups and downs as both a writer and editor ever since. His work on Colts game day has been a central part of the compelling package the department has produced, and he's also left his mark on Colts Weekend and other staples of the entire pro football operation.

Tom was the local expert on golf too, helping run The Star's

coverage of that sport and others.

Most recently, he served as the sports content editor virtually

every Saturday, handling the prep load, college sports, pro stories and

everything else that comes in on the busiest day of the sports week.

He has also been supervising the sports desk, including last year's amazing effort on the Super Bowl.

I want to publicly express my gratitude to Tom, and thank him for

his many years of devoted service and superior work in virtually every

area of the sports operation."


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