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Dateline: Wed 12 Mar 2008

Chris Worden is an attorney and Democrat who recently started a blog, Indy's Painfully Objective Political Analysis. See link:


He's another political wonk junkie who gets behind the scenes. His entry today, "Carson City!" explains that Andre Carson won the election because of the new Dem base in Pike Township. Here's what Chris writes:

"This will be anathema to many old-style Democrats, but I believe yesterday's result will show that Centre (sic) Township is no longer the African-American power for the Democratic Party. It's up in Pike now. I will reserve further comment until I actually see all of the precinct tallies, but I would guess Elrod got crushed in Pike..."

Chris answers some of the concerns expressed today by Gary Welsh in Advance Indiana, that this election possibly was stolen.

Sez the Dem:

"Also, the DCCC paid for canvassing and, I'm told, for an absentee voter program with which Elrod couldn't compete. The single best tactic for any campaign is to lock up votes as early as possible before anybody can have second thoughts and you can spend less on GOTV. Carson did this well.

"The Republican disconnect here is amusing because they have apparently forgotten that John Kerry carried this district by 58% in 2004, so 54% is hardly landslide territory."

There's more -- including a fascinating analysis of how popular Rep. Julia Carson really was -- but you can read it for yourself.


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