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Dateline: Mon 10 Mar 2008

Gary Welsh already has this up and running on Advance Indiana -- kudos to him -- but a friend and fellow traveler (journalist) emailed me last night about the Star's Sunday story on abandoned housing in Indy, referring to properties in Detroit's (!!!) ZIP codes.

Said the friend: "It's hard for me to imagine that a front page story that goes through the editing process could have such a careless error."

The Star has run a correction this morning. A few points: everyone makes mistakes, even the most careful journalists/reporters. Ted Evanoff, who wrote the story, is a veteran, meticulous biz reporter. But no question, something broke down here. If those numbers were in the original story, they should have been checked by a copy editor; that's protocol. One can only wonder if the problems aren't the result, again, of reporters and copy editors with too much to do and too little time to check facts.

But we're sure it will all be better when Dennis Ryerson's Sunday column returns. Some of us miss Dennis, absent now lo these two weeks. His assurances about how wonderful everything is at 307 N. Penn always made us laugh.


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