IUPUI story goes national; silence in the Star

Dateline: Mon 10 Mar 2008

Reader Pete Miesel reports that the Denver Rocky Mountain News ran nationally syndicated columnist Kathleen Parker's take on the efforts of IUPUI to punish a student/janitor from reading a book about the Ku Kluc Klan in Indiana. (See previous post; also take note -- the book was about the efforts of Notre Dame University students in 1924 to stop the Klan from coming into South Bend. It is NOT a pro-Klan book).

Here's Parker's piece:



Back to the home base: This is a great local story, with lots of drama and issues Hoosiers care about -- race relations, censorship, affirmative action policies, lofty academia dictating to its student community, racial fears, perceived and real -- all great material.

Why won't the Star cover it? Why not at least run Parker's piece, since her work regularly appears in the Star?

Miesel, a grad of Wabash College, has this to say:

"I thought it was chilling that IUPUI basically won't withdraw the complaint and apologize for being such contextually challenged buffoons about this, choosing to assert that they couldn't determine if the janitor was being 'intentionally malicious' when reading a book that DECRIED racism. This smacks of Hillary's 'Obama's not (fill in racial slur), as far as I know'rhetoric that she rolled out the other week."

Thanks to Miesel for pointing up Parker's contribution.


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