Barack and Texas: two-step strides

Dateline: Thu 06 Mar 2008

National Public Radio today and Associated Press yesterday are reporting a story that isn't getting the play it deserves: Sen. Obama, as expected, is locking down the caucus vote in Texas.

Here is the Associated Press lead:

"WASHINGTON - Barack Obama regained lost ground in the fierce competition for Democratic convention delegates on Wednesday based on results from the Texas caucuses, partially negating the impact of Hillary Rodham Clinton's string of comeback primary victories."

NPR noted that the story is getting lost in the shuffle. Queen Hillary claimed Texas right off the bat -- she did narrowly win the popular non-caucus vote. But Obama still has a lead of 101 delegates -- his 1,562 to her 1,461.

Here is what is on the NPR web site:

"Obama Could Win More DelegatesThan Clinton in Texas

"In Texas, the caucus delegate count is ongoing and if the margins hold, Barack Obama will overtake Hillary Clinton's delegate lead in the state.

"Clinton won a clear victory in the Texas primary beating Obama by 51 to 48 percent. But a third of the Texas delegates are allocated through the caucus process which began last night following the close of the polls. With 40 percent of the caucus vote counted, Obama is winning nearly 56 percent of the turnout. If this margin holds up, Obama's Texas total would surpass Clinton's by three delegates.

"More than four million Texans voted in the primary and it's estimated that more than a million returned for the Democratic caucuses shattering the old records."

Besides, Rolling Stone's Jann Werner has used his bully pulpit to endorse Obama in the magazine.

Let's see Hillary make light of that on SNL.


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