The Rapture continues....

Dateline: Tue 04 Mar 2008

The Rapture. That's what a friend calls the infatuated relationship some voters, political junkies and news people have with presidential wannabe/wunderkind Barack Obama. Guilty. Last week, I packed my bags and headed for a Super 8 Motel in Cincinnati, to volunteer for his campaign there and see, first hand, just how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.

Ah, but how quickly the worm of politics can turn; now begins the Inquisition.

I returned to Putnam County over the weekend with a Queen-City sized case of the flu, but still high on Rapture fumes. Today I flipped on cable TV and saw red: Hillary, in one of her cardinal-colored pantsuits, working the crowds, is now forecasting victory and smiling for a change. Meanwhile, those seemingly once-slavish Obama lovers in the national media are reporting the hits he's taken: his criticism of NAFTA during last week's debate, followed by that Canadian connection made by an Obama staff person, is the main trouble. But Tony Rezko being back in the news cycle isn't helping, either. "Does Obama have a glass jaw?" is the new spin.

Meanwhile, she's worked it like a dog the past few days (as has Obama). He closed the once-wide gap in Texas and Ohio, now she's closing in on him, even gaining in some polls, with a stated sense that she's back on top. Based on the amount of air time her camp has been getting, including her appearances on Saturday Night Live the Daily Show, it seems her pill is taking. Of course, the fact that this scenario is just what the Republicans wanted should tell you something. Why is Rush Limbaugh smiling? Why are Republicans licking their chops?

But enough. CNN may have reverted to its old Clinton Network News identity; let it go. So what? Let. It. Go.

I called the Cincy HQ where I was working last week at this time. A cheery woman named Terri answered the phone. "It's going very good, very good," she assured. "People are poring in here. The polls are full. We are re-checking on people, making sure everyone voted, offering help if they have not."

She sounded happy, if not rapturous.


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