Mad journalist? Happy journalist? Sad journalist?

Dateline: Tue 04 Mar 2008

A reader points to a pair of new websites, one for angry journalists, one for those with smiley faces on. (see links at end).

In each, the effect is supposedly cathartic. Journalists simply vent, online; this seemingly works, because in my experience, reporters don't go in for paid talk-therapy/counseling. The process is not unlike what took place years ago, when reporters hung out in bars or press clubs and got drunk in order to achieve emotional relief . Now, they can get on the Internet to bitch.

Here's a sampling from angry journalist, which is up to more than 1,300 responses:

"Do you actually believe that journalists help explain the state of the world for the masses to make informed decisions? While listening to CNN Friday night on Sirius, I heard a discussion on the Democratic presidential race with moderator Larry King and a panel including Fran Drescher, yes, from "The Nanny"... Who are you kidding? Journalism died a long time ago and neither you nor the rest of the folks on this page even realize it. Reports from a variety of sources including YouTube, Blogs, Jon Stewart, hell, even The Onion, generally convey more information about the state of the world than some crappy civic article you or your brethren wrote."

Meanwhile, over at happy face, (44 responses) reporters/journalists talk about the satisfaction of connecting with readers or making a difference in the world. But this is my favorite:

"I'm happy that I conned my hayseed of a boss to pay me two times the going rate for the past 5 or 6 years because I had "internet" talents (at a time when he didn't know the internet existed and was too lazy to figure out what I should be making) and by the time everyone figured out how overpaid I was I had a huge stash of cash in the bank that should carry me through the next 8 to 10 years. Hoping I get fired so I can collect unemployment for a year."

Here's the mad link:

Here is sad little happy.

Next? Something for sad journalists?


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