More's the more: California paper to outsource editing to India

Dateline: Wed 25 Jun 2008

AP reported this story, and it's on Drudge now as well as Editor and Publisher.

Here is the lead, datelined Santa Ana:

"An Indian company will take over copy editing duties for some stories published in The Orange County Register and will handle page layout for a community newspaper at the company that owns the Pulitzer Prize-winning daily, the newspaper confirmed Tuesday.

"Orange County Register Communications Inc. will begin a one-month trial with Mindworks Global Media at the end of June, said John Fabris, a deputy editor at the Register.

"Mindworks' Web site says the company is based outside New Delhi and provides "high-quality editorial and design services to global media firms ... using top-end journalistic and design talent in India."

"Editors at Mindworks will work five shifts a week for one month, performing layout for the community paper and editing some stories in the flagship Register, Fabris said. Staffing at the company will not be affected, he said."

Everyone can see how bad this is for morale at newspapers as well, based on testimony here, for quality. What are publishers thinking? Are they just sitting around, trying to come up with more evil ways to kill the baby?

This is nuts.


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