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Dateline: Thu 19 Jun 2008

Ryan Heath of Hetrick Communications sends news of a new wave of blogging:

"You already know that the corporate sector is still (a) confused by, (b) intimidated by or (c) scared to death of blogging and bloggers. And among those companies that have started blogs themselves, many are self-serving (candor and transparency being rare corporate commodities).

"Slowly but surely, however, a few companies are getting it, including Hetrick. We've dumped our antique brochure-on-line Web site for a blog-based upgrade designed to encourage conversation about workplace issues, health care, healthy environments and life sciences. Hetrick chair and CEO (and Indianapolis Business Journal columnist) Bruce Hetrick will opine every other week. Other staff members will kick off the conversation in between. And no one is allowed to be self-serving. The new site is Give it a look or a link. Better yet, log on and 'tell Hetrick' what you think."

Bruce Hetrick is already one of the best-read columnists at the Indianapolis Business Journal, as well as the head of a successful public relations/communications agency in the city. This should be a site to watch, not only for workplace issues but as an example of cutting-edge thinking for creating a new business model.

This week's offering: "Let's Talk About Exurbia," with thoughts from Hetrick on the high cost of driving.

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