The Star outsourcing ad work to India

Dateline: Thu 19 Jun 2008

Gannett's Indianapolis Star reportedly has a new plan: send a weekly quota of 500 ads to India, where contractors there will do the creative work.

There are a few bugs in the system, however.

Star artists in the advertising department are discovering that it takes longer to explain to their Indian colleagues what to put in the ads than it would to actually do the work themselves in the state's largest city.

The quality of work is also somewhat questionable in some instances.

Apparently the Indians did an ad for a garden tractor. But they showed a baby driving the tractor. Hah?

Perhaps this opens up a new avenue for yet another adventure, one that could involve readers, similar to indypaws, indymoms and all the rest. How about That could fill a whole back page on a slow day.

Or better yet: the ad department could fall in line with editorial trends. The Star could simply ask its readers to start designing ads. Maybe the readers could blog about their experiences as well.

That way the Star could eliminate both its Hoosier ad designers on the 3rd floor of 307 N. Penn and the Indian contractors. And get some free content to boot.


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