I-69 opponents ask: with flood, is the road affordable? (Was it ever????)

Dateline: Wed 18 Jun 2008

The severe flooding in Southern Indiana, including along the proposed I-69 highway, is raising brand-new questions about the worthiness of constructing the massive interstate in that area.

Pat Andrews of the Marion County Alliance of Neighborhood Associations says she and other opponents of I-69 have been studying the effect of the flood along the corrider, running from Evansville to Bloomington, Martinsville and south Indianapolis. An odd route, considering existing Highway 41 is perfectly suitable and much less costly.

"The pivotal point was that given the extreme amount of damage due to the flooding plus the soaring costs of highway construction, there is historic pressure on INDOT money," writes Andrews.

"With the additional impact of rising gasoline prices simultaneously pushing down the miles driven and pushing up the need for mass transit -- it is past time that INDOT and Mitch Daniels rethink our transportation priorities. The public has spoken over and over on these issues and I would think a reasonable conclusion would be to use existing roads for I-69, and move more money from INDOT's budget to mass transit of people and goods."

Thomas Tokarski of Citizens for Appropriate Rural Roads, Brian Garvey of CARR and Andy Ruff of the Bloomington Common Council share her concerns.

However, the Star's report on the flooded areas this morning seems to indicate the governor is full steam ahead with the highway. What a boondoggle.

Star reporter Francesca Jarosz reports that the state may buy up flood-damaged homes sooner rather than later, in order to continue its I-69 plans.

Here is the link to her story:



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