'Sad to see....company treat employees so shabbily'

Dateline: Fri 13 Jun 2008

Thanks to reader Jim Burns for sending along a story from Editor and Publisher, detailing how disgruntled Gannett employees are with the pension freeze.

The story quotes a Guild leader in Detroit:

"But for some staffers, the move is a slap in the face to employees. 'It is sad to see that the largest newspaper company in North America is treating its employees so shabbily,' said Lou Mleczko, president of the Newspaper Guild of Detroit, whose members include those at the Gannett-owned Detroit Free Press. 'They can afford to maintain this [pension] plan, it is not an expensive plan. It is an abandonment of their own employees.'"

Abe Aamidor of the Indianapolis Star is also quoted:

"At The Indianapolis Star, guild leader Abe Aamidor said his members are unsure how the move affects their pension, which had previously been under control of former Star owners, the Pulliam family. 'There is concern, but not panic,' said Aamidor, president of the Indianapolis Newspaper Guild and a 21-year Star employee. 'There is a lot of confusion among the employees. Some are asking what will happen.'

"Aamidor said, at first glance, the increased 401(k) match does not equal the lost pension contributions: 'It doesn't balance out and the company admits that. It is a big deal -- you will lose 10% to 20% depending on how long you have worked here.'"

Gannett newspapers: eating their young and their old. Where will it all end?

Here is the link to the entire E and P story:



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