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Dateline: Thu 12 Jun 2008

Buddy Pete Misel has sent along the smackdown to Gary Welsh's most recent Advance Indiana post, in which the Republican attorney demands that Barack Obama show us his birth certificate.

"The news media should not let up until Sen. Barack Obama produces a birth certificate which proves his status as a 'natural born U.S. citizen'" writes Gary. (He's not an isolated voice; this is a chorus).

OK, the news media can now take 5. Here it is, from Politico and by way of Peter, with a photo of the certificate, even! (Daily Kos gets dibs on breaking this story, and Politico links to them).

As for Gary, some of us are obsessed with his obsession with Obama. I know he honestly believes he is scrutinizing the candidate like any decent citizen journalist should, but too many times, his posts have been over the top (crack/gay sex, the wife is no good, Obama smokes and lies about it, and now, the birth certificate thing). As I've said, let's stick to issues and facts, not hyperbole.

Apparently, Gary's rants have unhinged others in the blogosphere. Last night a couple of people forwarded this brand-new pimp of Gary's blog: "Advance Indiana Because I'm Scared of Barack Obama."

Between this one and St. Allio!'s Way asking the question, "Does Gary Welsh kill puppies?" you'd think he'd get the idea.

I like Gary, and I have apologized to him for various sins, but he needs to be called out on the crazy stuff. He pushes, somebody pushes back.

Thanks to Pete for forwarding the birth certificate story. Next, I'd like to read about it on AI. (Or did Obama really kill that Mother Panda?????)


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