Counteracting Internet rumors

Dateline: Tue 10 Jun 2008

The Times of London is reporting that Barack Obama's campaign has set up a "war room" to counteract rumors on the net about the candidate.

"Jen Psaki, a spokeswomen for Mr Obama, told The Times that the internet team was still being finalised.

"She added: 'The only way to run a campaign is to respond immediately when inaccurate information is put out.'"

Among the lies the site is addressing: that Obama is a Muslim with a sketchy past. (One Hoosier refers to him as "the anti-Christ," and in Ohio, a young woman told me she'd heard he is a member of the Black Panthers!)

Here is more from the Times:

"A poll in mid-March found that 13 per cent of Americans think that Mr Obama is a Muslim, a 5 per cent increase since December 2007. Another found that 23 per cent of Democrats who hold negative views of him believe that he is a Muslim. The same survey showed that 61 per cent of voters view him as patriotic, compared with 76 per cent for Mrs Clinton and 90 per cent for Mr McCain."

Bully for the Obama team. Fight fire with fire.

I hope other responsible bloggers will do their part in Indiana. Obama has taken some hits here. It's time to stand up and challenge the rumors and slanders.

Also, for the record: it's a shame that he even has to "defend" himself re: the claim that he is a Muslim. Educated people know that American Muslims serve in Congress ---(Indiana's own Andre Carson is a secular Muslim) --- the U.S. military and all walks of life.


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