"Whitey/why'd he" and that terrorist 'fist jab'

Dateline: Mon 09 Jun 2008

Thanks to buddy Pete Miesel for sending along a couple of fascinating links.

First, from Gawker, shows a Fox blonde going off on the hand gesture between Michelle and Barack Obama when she joined him on the stage after his big win. For those in the over 30-class (probably most of the readers here) the couple did the cute little fist-bump thing. But of course Fox had to analyze it to death: what does it mean? Is it threatening? Should we run for cover? Are uppity blacks going to run the nation? Is it a secret Muslin handshake? Then Gawker, which covers media, had to step in and mop up.

Here's the link:


Second, Pete points out that the "freakin" National Review did a "pretty fair job" of debunking the whole crazy secret/whitey tape myth, supposedly filmed during a conference at the Obamas' former church. The take is that perhaps Michelle Obama REALLY said, speaking of President Bush:

"Why'd he cut folks off Medicaid?" which, so the speculation goes, sounds (to some) like "Whitey cut folks off Medicaid."

This plays into a whole scenario: "Why'd he let New Orleans down?" (substitute whitey...) etc etc etc.

Here is the link from National Review Online:



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