"People who work in the daytime are suckers"

Dateline: Mon 02 Jun 2008

Ditto, people who do not go to yard sales.

Fortunately, two women from Indiana did attend such a sale in 2003 in Kentucky. They found an old zebra-striped trunk, and one of the women liked its looks. It was filled with old papers and clothing and, just for a bonus, 210 photographs by the great 1930s tabloid news photographer Weegee. Altho of course the woman who bought the trunk had no idea of that.

Weegee said, "People who work in the daytime are suckers," and he should have known. He spent his career life chasing cops and murders and other gruesome facts of life in the seediest parts of New York City during the 1930s, shooting thousands of pictures that played well in the tabloids: "If it bleeds, it leads," and "Get me some spaghetti art" being two of the stock phrases of the news biz back then.

As it turns out, the yard sale woman -- not identified in the New York Times story that ran today, breaking this news -- turned the collection over to the Indianapolis Museum of Art. They are expected to announce this week the acquisition of the Weegee collection.

To read more, go to today's NYTimes:



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