Coach Dungy: out of here (prediction)

Dateline: Thu 17 Jan 2008

That's just a guess, but anyone who reads the stories and knows the man's reputation can see the obvious.

MSNBC reported Sunday that the coach's wife Lauren and three children are living in Tampa, and we all know that the Dungys' oldest son recently left Park Tudor and is attending a high school in Tampa.

The MSNBC story contains this revealing graph:

"Dungy says he is trying to strike a delicate balance between personal and professional life. A career coach, he's always said being a 'dad' is job number one."

Dungy also had said he planned to retire from coaching at age 50. He's now 52, a successful author and he's a faith-driven man. He will leave the team to pursue other aspects of life, maybe the ministry, maybe youth involvement, maybe all of that.

Just a forecast.


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