Val Hoeppner: another Star departure

Dateline: Mon 14 Jan 2008

The Star's graphics/photo departments have been relatively stable contrasted to newsroom (info center) flights. But this is a significant loss:

"Scott Goldman/INI

01/10/2008 09:25 AM

To StarNewsroom

Subject: Val Hopeener

"Val Hoeppner is going to be leaving The Star next month to take a new job with the Freedom Forum Diversity Institute in Nashville.

"She will be their new manager of multimedia education and work with students and professionals on advancing multimedia skills. This is a dream job for Val, who already spends three weeks a year working with Native American students under a Freedom Forum program.

"In her new role she will be starting a program from scratch. She'll create a curriculum for the program; she'll be the primary faculty member teaching video, audio, photography and editing courses; she'll create a multimedia journalism website for the Freedom Forum to display work of scholars, alumni and professional journalists; and she'll also be an adjunct journalism professor at Belmont University. Sounds like she'll be very busy, just as she's been here at The Star!

"Val has served as Deputy Director of Photography and Multimedia Editor for the Star, and she's played a huge role in the rapid development of multimedia here over the past three years.

"Val's last day will be sometime in very early February; it all depends on how a certain football team fares in the next two weeks ... and there will, of course, be appropriate send-off festivities for Val.

"Please join me in congratulating Val on her exciting new role, and wishing her nothing but success in the future!


Thanks to the reader who sent this my way. As for Val, she is one of those amazing people who could always cut thru red tape and get any request taken care of quickly, efficiently and with talent. Her departure is a big hit for the Star.



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