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Dateline: Mon 07 Jan 2008

Doug Masson's blog, A Citizen's Guide to Indiana, has plugged in a very cool presidential counter delegate gizmo.

Check it out:

The source is MyDD at

Here's the current lineup, courtesy of Masson's blog:

"As of right now, the Democratic delegates are as follows:

Obama 16

Clinton 15

Edwards 14

(Out of 4,372 possible)

The Republican candidates are:

Romney 17

Huckabee 13

Thompson 8

McCain 5

Paul 4

Hunter 1

Giuliani 1

(Out of 2,516 possible)"

Plus there's some good and rational commentary from Masson. This is the first national election I've followed with this much enthusiasm. I have a feeling I'm not alone.

Thanks to Doug Masson for providing this service.


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