IndyTube: Loose cows?

Dateline: Mon 07 Jan 2008

WISH-TV Channel 8 in Indy is launching its own version of YouTube:, with an Indiana focus.

Not only can you record and/or view home-spun Hoosier videos, but in a few weeks WISH will debut a TV show that will feature the best-of submissions. Here is the link:

Anyone familiar with YouTube knows the drill: you can post funny or crazy pet ticks, says WISH, or your kids doing something amazing, or whatever silliness or seriousness you wish. (The above link includes a video of "loose cows" wandering around in Florida. For two springs in a row now, we've had "loose bulls" come calling at our old quarry. They're just looking for a hand-out, and maybe the grass is greener. Next time, I'll take a video rather than pix, and get famous).

For more info, go to the web site or contact the brains behind this project: Channel 8's James W. Burnes Regional Internet Director, West/Midwest LIN Interactive, and Jason Crundwell, Internet Director, WISH/WNDY/WIIH.

Anyone who looked at the numerous Indy-related videos during the last election cycle on YouTube knows this is a goldmine of an idea. Good luck!


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