Hillary Clinton: the Vagina Monologues

Dateline: Mon 07 Jan 2008

This is why she will never be president: her eyes welled up with tears in New Hampshire today as she talked about how much she loves the country and how much the race means to her. The press is already having an Ed Muskie moment, since he too cried in New Hampshire, and suffered the results. They're saying she's tired, she's pissed at Bill, she's frustrated.

Later, when asked about the incident, she went brittle at first, saying, "This is ridiculous." Then she switched to defending the fact that she is a "real person" with emotions who cares deeply about Americans.

HRC is going to set women back if this bullshit continues. Between Bill Clinton saying, one moment, that his wife is tougher than both Nelson Mandela and Yitzhak Rabin, and Hillary going menopausal right before the cameras, it's a spectacle.

But it's good copy. You gotta love the Clintons, because they never bored us.


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