A tough old bird, fleet like the wind

Dateline: Mon 07 Jan 2008

Here's a great story sent by son Andrew Holladay about a guy who ran from Sydney to Melbourne in five days in 1983 in an international competition.

The kicker is that Cliff Young was 61 and a simple potato farmer who perfected his lope by chasing after his herd in Australia. When he entered the big race, he was competing against some of the toughest runners/athletes in the world. He amazed everyone by winning, despite wearing galoshes on his feet, boasting a shuffling stride and not having teeth.

He didn't know he was supposed to run 18 hours and sleep 6; he just kept running, through the nights, just as he did when he was rounding up stray sheep.

Nor did he know there was a $10,000 prize. He gave the money away.

This is an inspirational read from a blog devoted to running; most of us have never heard of Cliff Young, although he is obviously well known in runner circles.

Young, a humble man, continued to run, win and give away his prizes until he had a stroke. He died in 2003, at age 81.

Read it if you're looking for a little bit of light today. It's guaranteed to improve your spirits.


Thanks to Andrew, who administers this blog, for sending it our way.


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