Sgt. Staletovich: no association with Indy Undercover

Dateline: Sun 06 Jan 2008

Sgt. Steve Staletovich of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department wants to set the record straight.

"This whole connection with IndyUndercover that I read about on some of the blogs, I had nothing to do with that. I actually thought it (IndyUndercover) was counterproductive to the organization (Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department). It was filled with rumors, innuendo, hearsay and derogatory comments about personal things."

"I was against the merger; I've made no secret of that. I thought it was the most ridiculous execution imaginable.

"But I sign my name to my work (a reference to a letter to the editor of the Star). I have never slinked around the blogosphere."

Staletovich, 46, was in the news recently for blowing .08 on a DUI in Sheridan in Hamilton County. When several bloggers wrote about his arrest, his name surfaced on Gary Welsh's Advance Indiana and this blog and perhaps others as having a connection with the bullshit faux cop blog that we now know was the sole province of Abdul Hakim-Shabazz, pundit, clown, radio host, Joe Friday in disguise, blah blah. Former City-County Councilman Ike Randolph of the fire department was also involved, but as Ike said a few weeks ago, he just wants this to all go away.

"I don't even know Abdul," Staletovich continued in a phone call Sunday. "I've never called his show. I called into (Greg) Garrison a couple times..."


Other clarifications: Staletovich left media relations with the police department two years ago for personal reasons. He wrote his letter to the editor of the Star, criticizing the police merger, after he had moved to his new position as a street supervisor in the Northeast District, working the late shift.

"The transfer was all me; I requested it," he said. "I did come back for a little bit (in media relations) with the Hamilton Street killings." When he transferred, Staletovich said, "The rumors were flying. People said, 'You must have pissed someone off. But I asked (for the transfer)."

As for the photo of Staletovich that ran in the Star after the DUI arrest -- he was wearing a baseball cap -- that was from the East Side Herald, which had written about a recent creative endeavor of Staletovich's: he wrote and directed a short independent film about the last six hours on death row, "Archie's Grim Vocation." The Herald ran an article on the 30-minute movie, which is fiction and filmed at Michigan City; the photo was taken of Staletovich at his home during that interview.

I'm looking forward to seeing the movie. Staletovich is waiting to see what happens regarding his arrest and his future.

In the meantime, please spread the word: Sgt. Staletovich never contributed to IndyUndercover. "I had not even looked at that blog since 2005."

He had better things to do.

A final note: I had called Staletovich a few weeks ago, shortly before writing about the connection between IndyU and Abdul, to check out the persistent rumors that he was an IndyU contributor, but I didn't reach him. He sent me an email Saturday to clear this matter up, once and for all.


We hope.


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