Free parking for city market/Hamaker done

Dateline: Thu 03 Jan 2008

The Star's Tom Spalding had a good update Dec. 31 on life at the City Market, now under the leadership of Joe Dayan: the market has applied for a liquor license, is considering adding a second floor commercial kitchen and can boast several new vendors.

The big news, for Dayan's mother Marcia -- my good friend -- and myself is the $1 parking available at the old Market Square Arena lots. Spalding's sidebar mentioned a voucher program, but here are the details: you can park for up to two hours in those nearby lots formerly occupied by MSA. Any merchant at the City Market can verify/stamp your parking ticket. Also, on Saturdays, you can park in the lots for free.

Yes, this is a shameless promotion. Every great American city needs a great market with fresh produce, the best spices, great dairy, meats etc. Indiana has not done enough to promote its small farmers and other food vendors. City Market is undergoing a revival with Dayan at the helm. Let's do all we can to support this Hoosier "family tradition."

On another sadder note, Hamaker Pharmacy at 49th and Penn is now officially shut, says a faithful reader. Some of us remember the day when there were three pharmacists running the neighborhood drug store. Alas, no more. Insurance and chains killed it off; so did competitive consumers, who want bargain prices today.

More tk on this as I confirm some details of what the new owners hope to do, where the former employees have gone, etc.

Best of luck to George, the pharmacist and former owner, and especially Fred, the manager for many years.


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