Public defender Dave Cook forced out

Dateline: Mon 18 Feb 2008

Dirty politics has reared its ugly head again.

The resignation of Marion County Public Defender head Dave Cook, a well-respected and longtime lawyer and public servant, was not exactly as simple as what you read about in the Star on Feb. 4. Basically, the story said Cook was resigning.

Cook was forced out, as were some of his top aides, by former Marion County Dem chairman Ed Treacy, always a player. Treacy was looking after the interests of his wife, Judge Becky Pierson-Treacy. Apparently she was not happy that some of the public defenders on occasion appealed her decisions.

Treacy finagled the judgeship for his wife during the end of the tenure of former Gov. Joe Kernan. Then, as former Mayor Bart Peterson of Indy was leaving his job, Treacy managed to get himself appointed to the board that oversees what once was the non-political public defenders office.

Treacy, a source says, walked into Cook's office and said the job was too important to be non-political. He intended to make it a political appointment.

Thus Cook's career ended.


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