Birth of two new blogs

Dateline: Sun 10 Feb 2008

Friend Susan Gillie, an original thinker, longtime cook and food aficionado, has graduated from indyrats to her own blog,

Indieats, she says, is "a food blog for independent eaters." It is also witty and entertaining, with current stories on the nation's milk wars (a big story in Indiana) and commentary on the late Earl Butz' role defining agribiz -- she scooped The Star's Dan Carpenter on that one. Please check out. Because it's not about just food, it's about life.

Also, South Montgomery High School senior Nick Hedrick, who kept indyrats afloat with a stream of commentary, has graduated to his own blog,

Hedrick, who will study journalism at Indiana State University, possesses the natural and tireless curiosity of all great reporters.

"One of my big stories" he says of his new venture, "is probably going to be the ordeal of Connie Heerman, who's about to get fired from Perry Meridian for using 'The Freedom Writers' Diary" in her classroom."

I hope you will give both these writers a listen.

As for indyrats, it's in a state of semi-retirement, resting up for its next metamorphosis. Suggestions?


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