The baby vs. the blog

Dateline: Thu 07 Feb 2008

In a contest, the baby wins every time. Hence I had to hold my computerized tongue during the five days spent in Indy, from Friday to Fat Tuesday.

The baby Ezra and I watched the Superbowl together; we spent quiet mornings looking out the window, hoping for a squirrel or a sun spot. We ate gruel, and drank orange juice, and pronounced it very fine.

On the Last Days, the baby developed a fever of 101 degrees or so, not high by sick-baby standards, but enough to put him, when awake, on my lap, staring dreamingly at my face with those big brown eyes, then wearily flopping forward to rest his hot brow against my chest. His black hair was on fire.

Love? Sex? Work? Nature? God? Yes, sure, but above all these, there is the baby. Any baby will do. If you haven't had the chance to be around one for a while, sign up to volunteer at a local community center or school where little people are present. Babies -- children in general -- are good medicine. I recommend one or two for these cold, gray, winter days.

Taken, in moderation of course, at my age.


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