NUVO hires Scott Shoger

Dateline: Mon 04 Feb 2008

Some will recall the interview of then-new Mayor Greg Ballard that ran in NUVO after the election. The man asking the smart questions was Scott Shoger, who had just come on board as an intern at NUVO, Indy's alternative newspaper . Here's the good news from NUVO's managing editor Jim Poyser:

"Scott Shoger joins NUVO's editorial team

"Indianapolis native Scott Shoger has just been named music editor for NUVO, taking over for Leslie Benson, who moved late last year to Chicago. Shoger, a graduate of IU-Bloomington, originally came to NUVO last fall as an intern. He made an immediate impact, writing music and news stories, as well as helping with research and

editorial planning.

"His extensive interview with newly-elected Mayor Greg Ballard brought him plenty of local media attention.

"Shoger served as interim music editor while a search for the new editor transpired over the holidays. A talented field of applicants was interviewed, and Shoger was hired.

"'I'm humbled and excited to have the opportunity to coordinate NUVO's music coverage, and I look forward to getting to know the music scene even better in the coming months," Shoger said. "I hope you'll join me in building on NUVO's nearly 18 years of local music coverage."

Poyser said, "We're thrilled to have Scott join us, he impressed us from the very beginning and the journalistic stars have aligned just so. Having an intern become a salaried employee just ices the proverbial cake."

"Shoger has worked as a disk jockey at WFHB-FM and WIUS-AM in Bloomington, and was news director of WJEL-FM in Indianapolis. He graduated from Indiana University with a BA in comparative literature in spring 2007, and, while at IU, was secretary of the Collins Living- Learning Center Board of Educational Programming.

"'NUVO's music section should be a forum for citizens to tell their story and talk about their passions," Shoger said. 'Look for new voices and new content, as well as those writers you already know and love, in NUVO's coverage online and in print.'"


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