More football this weekend: the local angle

Dateline: Fri 01 Feb 2008

Nelson Price's radio show this weekend will feature Mark Herrmann, a former player who with Nelson will talk about the Colts in Indy and Dome history.

The show will be broadcast Saturday at 11:30 a.m. on WICR 88.7 FM.

Producer Molly Head notes that Herrmann suited up both as a Baltimore and Indianapolis Colt. Herrmann was also an outstanding Carmel High School and Purdue University quarterback), she says.

"He switched cities along with the rest of the team in 1984 when our brand new Hoosier Dome opened, and when the Colts headed out of Baltimore in the middle of the night. What did it mean for Indy to become an NFL town? What was it like to play before apathetic crowds during some of the lackluster early seasons? And will there be anything to miss

about the Hoosier-turn-RCA Dome?" Those are some of the questions Nelson will pose.

"The call-in number is 317-788-3314 for the curious or the opinionated," adds Head.


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