The Star feature sections: the death rattle

Dateline: Sun 28 Dec 2008

Major changes are coming for the Indianapolis Star's feature sections, including the end of Lori Borgman's column. Lori used to run on Sundays and another day, then she was moved around and finally landed a Monday slot. Tomorrow will be her last day, which is sure to piss off loyal Lori readers -- she writes from a humorous, often conservative and (in the past, anyhow) religious perspective. That she has survived this long under Gannett is remarkable.

But, with all due respect, her ouster is small potatoes compared to the other changes.

To wit:

Monday and Tuesday features sections will disappear, but Healthy Living will move and replace the Thursday Smart Shopping section.

The Taste section (Wednesday) will become a broadsheet.

Go! (Fridays) and IndySunday will remain unchanged.

Comics, puzzles and syndicated columns will be anchored in the classified section. A minuscule story will run on the cover. No comics will be dropped, but some columnists will be dropped. (Lori Borgman is the one confirmed so far...)

In theory, these changes will kick in Jan. 5.

And there is more:

On Feb. 1, the At Home feature in IndySunday will move to the cover of the real-estate section. (Former Star reporter Abe Aamidor is still writing many of these features, which proves how short-handed the staff actually is).

The Noblesville magazine has been dropped; Carmel, Fishers/Geist and Hendricks County are still in place.

Finally: Star staffers are not punching a time clock yet, but they are filling out time sheets. Just another day at the factory....


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