More changes at the Star

Dateline: Sat 27 Dec 2008

This news about the features section has come now from three different sources, so it's already circulating out there with former staffers. Here is what the latest source says:

"Not announced yet, but look ford a reduction in the number of sections, all in the interest in saving newsprint. Features (or what is left of features) will front the classified ads.

"Metro/State will front Business. TV listings will move to the A Section ('so to make last minute changes' of course). From (publisher) Michael (Kane's) note: If you have any questions, see Dennis (Ryerson).

Also in jeopardy: the Saturday op-ed pages will disappear in January, say some. And some staffers are being asked to punch a clock and their time in the restrooms is being monitored.

Un-Happy New Year...a little early.


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