The critic is dead; long live the critic

Dateline: Tue 16 Dec 2008

Former Star film critic Christopher Lloyd, also a former features editor in Arts and Entertainment at the Star -- read "kiss of death" -- hasn't let a lay off keep him down.

Lloyd is now charting his own star via his new blog, Captain Critic (see link at end). His blog motto, one that no doubt resonates with many ex-Star writers: "Delivering immeasurable volumes of snark about movies and anything else that pops into my head."

Lloyd was always a cut above, and then some, as a writer: super smart, sophisticated, chilled out. So of course they got rid of him.

But anybody reading this knows there is life after Gannett, and Lloyd's reviews and poignant little essay, "I am a newspaperman," first published on Gannettblog, are proof positive.

Behold the man:


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