The word is out

Dateline: Wed 10 Dec 2008

that Cathy Kightlinger will become the new Talk of the Town columnist at the Indianapolis Star.

Cathy has big boots to fill; Guyett had a natural instinct for that job, and she created her own format and style, to say nothing of endless contacts. Reportedly Kightlinger, who works at the north bureau, called Guyett recently and asked her for tips on how to do the job. Nice.

Also, Kightlinger formerly worked in the Downtown newsroom at one point, an experience that persuaded her to feel relief when she was shipped to the more obscure Star North bureau, out of the range of excessive and indecisive editors. But now she'll head back Downtown again.

This reminds one of an old Chuck Clark story. He came to work at the Star as the hatchet guy for Tim Franklin, before Gannett bought the Star. Clark was fleeing the Louisville Courier Journal a Gannett paper. Alas, Clark had not been at the Star for very long when it was announced that -- surprise -- Gannett had bought it from the Pulliams. Next Clark got a message from former colleagues in Louisville: "Welcome back to the Family," sent via a floral wreath for a funeral. Red roses, black border on the ribbon...

So, Cathy, welcome back to the family.


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