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Dateline: Sat 06 Dec 2008

A tip for former Star "Talk of the Town" columnist Susan Guyett, from Renee Wilmeth, author/mistress of the popular blog feedmedrinkme:

"Susan Guyett," writes Renee, "needs to 'blog'! She'd be a fabulous at it -- and we need a real society column here. She could have more space, do exactly what she was doing (reporting on all that great stuff), a designer could build her a slick site -- and she'd be a 'must' read. (And photos area always the most popular part!)

"I'm being completely serious. Maybe even a blog network for ex-Star folks putting out the same great info from their beats -- with lots of x-refs to their own work. Take what SF Gate did during the strike and do a blog network."

Like many others in the community, Wilmeth is mourning the loss of Guyett's popular Talk of the Town column. Guyett's take was a blend of parties, pictures and chit-chat about local personalities' comings and goings, although she emphasized that "you don't have to be rich or famous" to make her cut.

A recent favorite Guyett column of mine was her take on the seating chart at the popular Meridian Restaurant: what big cheeses get what table. OK, fluff stuff, but I'm with Renee: a lot is happening in Indy socially, and with the Star letting Guyett go, where is the daily dish?


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