Abdul: out of circulation, but in a good way

Dateline: Sat 06 Dec 2008

Taking up where Susan Guyett left off, here's a tidbit that might have run in her Sunday column in the Indianapolis Star, if the Star hadn't given her the boot this last week, along with 50 or so other employees. Alas.

Radio funny man Abdul Hakim-Shabazz, always good for a quick remark and a well-crafted legal analysis, is getting hitched. He announced his intentions in an email to some select friends this morning, then posted the happy news on his blog today, Indiana Barrister.

His bride to be is named Cheron. He says, "She tolerates my ego and loves my cooking. What more could a man ask for?"

A relentless romantic, I was quick to offer congratulations. His response:

"Thank you. With Obama being president and O.J. going to prison and me getting married, it's a great day for Black men who have their act together."


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