More casualties at Gannett in Indy

Dateline: Thu 04 Dec 2008

As my friend said this morning, "it's not just people, it is also institutions" that are getting the axe under Gannett leadership in Indianapolis.

To wit: the South Side Spotlight and the East Side Herald newspapers are both outta here in six weeks. That means more jobs are lost.

Another name to add to bloody Wednesday's hit list: Martha Allan, longtime proficient copy editor in sports. Some have speculated that her role as the wife of former Guild activist Marc Allan, now communications guru at Butler University, may have been her undoing. But with Gannett, sometimes, all you have to do is blink and you are gone.

Finally, from the gossip mill -- the rumor is out that exec editor Dennis Ryerson and wife Mary Milz, a Channel 13 reporter, are history. Ryerson reportedly took a longer than usual holiday vacation this year, telling friends of his troubles.

Everything comes to an end, as newspapers testify these days, but what a shame. When I first met Ryerson -- and I liked him immensely -- he told me with complete sincerity that he really wanted this marriage (his third) to work. One has to wonder at the toll the struggles of daily journalism take on personal relationships. All this is idle speculation, of course, and if anyone wants to correct the record, go for it.


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