Gannettblog: more than 1,700 cuts,

Dateline: Thu 04 Dec 2008

A reader/friend sent the following comments from old pal Ellen McKinney, who shared her thoughts on Gannettblog -- Ellen is one who took a voluntary bye from the Star:

"Ellen McKinney: .

"tomorrow will be my last day at the indianapolis star. i started there the week before bobby kennedy was killed (just to give some historic perspective).

"'high tech' was switching from coffee mugs of wallpaper paste to rubber cement to paste "takes" of stories together for editing with soft-leaded pencils. then they were run up to the composing room by copy boys and set in hot metal on linotypes.

"many times, i was the only woman in the city room after 7:30 p.m. i worked nights for about 12 years with guys who took their time accepting a "girl" in their midst. but once they decided i knew my stuff, and wouldn't cry or be grossed out, i was ok with them....

"i consider myself lucky -- i was at a point in my life where i could volunteer to leave rather than wait to be pushed out. i probably won't have to get another job if i live modestly (no holiday cruise for me); instead, i can reinvent myself as a better companion to my grandchild and perhaps eventually an esl tutor at her school.

"so after 40 years, six months and four days at the star, i'm saying good luck to my departing colleagues and those who still have jobs, and -30- to my journalism career."

Thanks to the two Jims for this -- buddy Jim Burns for sending it to me, and buddy Jim Hopkins for keeping track nationally of all the layoffs foisted on the workers by Gannett.


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