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Dateline: Thu 04 Dec 2008

Jordan David, a page designer at the Star, and "a nice guy," says a friend, also was let go by Gannett Wednesday. We all wish him the best as well.

Also, a correction re: the earlier list: Nina Mehta was laid off from the design department, not features. Here is hoping she too has a aoft landing.

Some of us are still reeling over the huge loss taken by features. Abe Aamidor, Susan Guyett, Whitney Smith and Chris Lloyd are all very talented writers. Features copy editor Ellen McKinney is knowledgeable, precise and methodical, the sort of human glue that holds a newspaper together.

Clearly, the message from management at the Star is that the paper does not value its features section.

Aamidor and McKinney, longtime employees, both volunteered to leave.

Here is a note from Aamidor, president of the Guild, posted on the Guild's website:

"Folks - I've made a conscious, even calculating step to move in other directions in my life. Time will tell if I made the right decision, as it always does. For those of you who remain - the Guild is important. We have had many small victories in recent years, protecting individual rights and pay, keeping some people from being fired, standing up to a move toward advertorials in 2006, and more. Right now we feel the company is stepping on seniority, and we have a binding arbitration in progress over the previous round of layoffs. We expect to move quickly to add the current round to the arbitration, which the International tells us can be done. But the outcome will be months away.

You have a great team of officers and stewards working on your behalf, very selflessly so. This is the best team the Guild has had in many years. We have more stewards, and we have more volunteers to serve on the negotiating committee for the next Contract than we had the last two times...."

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