Another excellent person

Dateline: Thu 04 Dec 2008

This just in:

"Jane Rose, 16-year employee in the advertising department...gone. (from the Indianapolis Star) She and her husband also run the Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue Group and hers was their sole income. She took it very hard. At least she got some good puppy lovin' when she got home at 9am yesterday."

Jane is a very bright woman, always optimistic, always well-informed, friendly and thoughtful. Her husband also has a lot on the ball.

Obviously, this has gotta hurt like hell.

Did everyone read Doonesbury a couple days ago, the panel about the sweet-faced woman who had just been informed she was being pink-slipped? Then some jerk from HR or management scolds her for crying at her terminal, upsetting the other employees....then comes the security guys. "Don't worry; they'll take good care of you," says the dour management type.

It's not funny when art imitates life, and life borders on the tragic and the absurd.


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