The hit list from the Star

Dateline: Wed 03 Dec 2008

Here, from a source, is a list of people who are no more at the Indianapolis Star. (Volunteer means the person chose to leave):

North bureau

James Yee, photo

Joanna Lees, paraprofessional

Diana Lamirand, editor

Toni Copenhaver, paraprofessional

Jason Ballenger, copy editor

Jeff Koszut, copy editor

Jim Gillaspy, reporter (volunteer)


Susan Guyett, features

Christopher Lloyd, features

Whitney Smith, features

Nina Mehta, design

Phyllis Mahoney, copy desk

Martha Strauss, library

Gail Alexander, copy desk

Steve Healey, photo

Abe Aamidor, features (volunteer)

Ellen McKinney, features (volunteer)

John Stiles, sports (volunteer)

To quote one person affected: "Dennis & Co. handled it rather well, compared to some other shops. No bum rush out the door or anything."

Yeah, right. Did anyone read Doonesbury today? When comics go tragic, you know you're in the midst of a Depression.

On a personal note: my best to all those tapped. There is life after Gannett, and it is a good life. Had I stayed, and had I survived the last few years, I likely would have been hit, and taken pride in the red badge of honor. So "there but for the grace of God..."

Finally, some happiness: Kelly Kendall, a features editor and talented writer who was laid off in the last round, is a star at Indianapolis Monthly (which has two especially great articles this issue. MTK). She will be married very soon to the Star's talented Robert Scheer, a shooter.

La, how the life goes on....


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