When recycling does not work...

Dateline: Tue 02 Dec 2008

Before my eye surgery Nov. 5, a reader/friend alerted me to a most interesting correction that ran in the Indianapolis Star Sat. Nov. 1.The CX read, in part, "A restaurant review on Page 23 of Friday's Go! contained incorrect information. The Russia House is no longer open. Pearl Bistro, which specializes in innovative..." is in that location now, etc.

My friend, a veteran journalist, wrote, "Sure hope you caught the corrections in today's/Saturday's Star. Second one. What a f----' embarrassment!

"Just in case you've tossed that paper (and why would anyone save them): They had to correct the fact that Friday's restaurant review was for a restaurant that no longer exists (Russia House, West 86th, closed

almost a year)!"

I have to admit, this is one that I puzzled over during my convalescence. How on earth could the Star run a review of a place that was no longer in business???? I mean, we all know recycling is good, but not when it comes to the news; one simply does not run old reviews.

Not unless you're Gannett. Turns out, the paper, especially in features, seems to have a habit of re-running stories. Hence what you read in the North Star section may well show up in Indy.com a week later. Whatever.

But this was especially egregious. I spoke to the owner of the new restaurant, Pearl American Bistro, which, not coincidentally, was the subject of a review in the Star last week. She said that the Russia House had closed in June, and that the review the Star ran of it was 10 years old.


A former co-worker who is still at the paper gave a glimpse into what is driving the operation now: "The features section is actually a fun place to work now, because nobody has time to edit anything...you write it, and it runs in the paper." Yes, even if it's a decade or so old...

To quote the late playwright William Saroyan, "No foundation...all the way down the line."


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