The Clintons: feeling the love

Dateline: Thu 28 Aug 2008

Hillary Clinton's speech was just plain terrific two nights ago at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, and Bill Clinton's last night -- which I missed, regretfully -- is described tellingly by the always measured and thoughtful Joan Walsh of

All is forgiven. The Clintons, who could have carried a grudge -- the press was anticipating it and some would have fanned those flames -- displayed true character.

Walsh's lead:

"All day long the cable talkers had their Clinton drama story line down: When Hillary Clinton pointedly asked her Obama-resistant admirers Tuesday night, 'Were you in it just for me?' she was also talking to her husband."

The anticipated answer is "no," and the Clintons' eloquent and energizing rally behind the Obama team is one reason Democrats should be proud to be Democrats today.

That, and all the smooching on the floor last night, after veep-nominee Joe Biden gave his speech. It was lovely to see his big family pour out, Barack Obama take the stage in a surprise move and the kiss-fest begin. Old, young, black, white, tiny, wrinkly and smooth -- everyone was lovin' on everyone. I'm sure the GOP will kiss one another, but somehow, with all the drama the Dems have had -- and the first black presidential nominee -- it won't be the same. But then, nothing ever could be.

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