Obama anxiety

Dateline: Fri 22 Aug 2008

Real Clear Politics shows Barack Obama ahead of John McCain 44.8 to 43.4

This is not the wishful thinking of an Obamabot, but the average of polls taken by Fox, CBS, Rasmussen, et al. See for yourself; here is the link, showing a 1.4 plus spread for Obama as of this writing:


That said, the ladies who lunch have me in knots. We met last Saturday at Cobblestone Grill in Zionsville, seven of us -- 5 for Obama, including one wearing her navy blue Obama T-shirt and the another an activist volunteer, and two who favored Hillary.

The mood, politically, was gloomy. "I'm worried." "I don't think he can win." "I'm not sure people are ready..." "He can't win Indiana..."

Then one of the Hillary people added the prevailing wisdom. "This is what Hillary was trying to say. He can't win."

Why does it always come back to Hillary Clinton and her long puss?

Adding insult to injury, my husband is reading "Obama Nation" and letting me know every other day or so what a Socialist Obama is, although in truth -- as my Hillary friend agrees -- his policies are no different from Mrs. Clinton's.

I don't want to add to the anticipated sense of despair my friends were feeling. I believe the polls, although the narrowness of the lead -- and the shifting back and forth between McCain and Obama -- is worrisome.

I am keeping the faith. Conventional wisdom says that the black vote and the youth vote can decide in favor of Obama. I don't expect either of those support groups to cave.

I'm not sure about the rest of the country. As friends/husband say, decisions are cast in the voting booth. But I also suspect that Hoosiers, including the gloomy ones, are guilty of a pocket mentality. We may not be the best judge of the pulse of the nation.

I hope not. And I really really really wish Hillary Clinton would come out swinging for Obama, with vigor and enthusiasm. But it's not going to happen, apparently.


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