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Dateline: Wed 20 Aug 2008

I couldn't see well at last weekend's Blog Indiana 08, but it was the smartness in the mouth that won me over. A young woman wearing red flowers on her shirt, with reddish tones in her hair, made some tart observations during a couple sessions.

And no, she never said boo about politics, but stick with me.

She once wrote in her food blog, she said, about whether your syrup should touch your eggs. She received hundreds of e-emails; the conversation still rages.

Another time, writing on her own blog, she got personal -- it's a personal blog -- and what she revealed was profound enough to get picked up by a Denver newspaper. Then came the hate email. Readers in Colorado didn't get her drift; they filled her in-box with invective. The lesson? Her own readers know where she's coming form; who needs the grief from pissed off strangers? Small is beautiful.

On a similar note: Why would she want to write for the Star? In the past, editors at the daily have asked her about expanding a post into a free-lance features piece. Not worth it, she concluded. No money, and she already has the glory and all the hilarity she can dish out.

The young woman is Casey, and her main posse blog is moosh-in-indy,

She's funny, in the way many young women wish they were but usually are not -- she has male candor with feminine wit. Some of her illustrative posts: how hot the doctors at the IU Med Center are; being in Law Wives Anonymous (her husband is a law student); Phelpsing at the fair -- that's eating 12,000 calories in one visit, and of course the Moosh. She and husband Cody got married, moved from Utah to Indy and made the Moosh four years ago. What else do you need to know? Oh, her blog has exquisite photos.

OK, most of you are male and older. But read it. Or tell your wives, your girlfriends, your daughters and your mooshes.


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