7 in "information center" laid off

Dateline: Tue 19 Aug 2008

Here is the list from the Indianapolis Guild, which represents 214 employees at the Indianapolis Star:

Greg Fisher, Kelly Kendall, Mark Koenig, Jim Herman, Jonathon LaRosa,

Kathleen Singleton, Mark C Morrow.

According to a Guild spokesperson: Fisher is a long time picture editor; Kendall has had two tours of duty here and was an exempt ass't features editor; Koenig was a new hire who was to start work this week; Herman held several management positions here over the years; LarRosa and Singleton were paraprofessionals with low seniority.

The news of layoffs came from exec editor Dennis Ryerson in person or through a telephone call.

Also, there were 23 layoffs total. Others were not in the newsroom or building services and not covered by the contract.

Ryerson pointed out in an afternoon staff meeting at the Star that these people are being laid off, not fired. They can reapply for jobs if and when they become available.

Check the Guild's web site for more info, to be posted soon:


UPDATE: According to Gannettblog, Steve Dinnen was laid off from the Des Moines Register. He's a business reporter and a former business editor from the Indianapolis Star. He writes under the byline S.P. Dinnen.

Also, Gary Welsh at Advance Indiana sent a link this morning "Newspaper carnage continues" re: layoffs at papers in Illinois, including Rockford and Champaign. Welsh, a former resident of Illinois, follows politics there. It sounds like political reporters and bureaus were hard hit.

Here is that link from the Capitol Fax Blog:



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