Local government reform; it's about time we all got along

Dateline: Mon 18 Aug 2008

Dogs and cats lying down together? Seems so, when you consider a new bi-partisan blog run by the prolific Jen Wagner (Dem: Hoosier Political Report and the defunct but beloved/hated Taking Down Words, Bury the Lede, Accidental Mayor) and Josh Gillespie (R, Hoosier Access).

The name of the newbie is http://www.stopgoverninglikethis.com/

Here are some insights from each blogger:

"(The new blog is) co-authored with Josh Gillespie, and it's aimed at pushing the Kernan-Shepard reforms by highlighting waste and inefficiency in local government. We're part of a group that includes the Indiana Chamber, the Central Indiana Corporate Partnership and the Indiana Realtors Association," says Jen.

From Josh's Hoosier Access blog today: "Can two people like Jennifer and I actually get along and agree on issues? You'd be surprised. One of the things we have in common is that we want to see local government run more smoothly. We're sick and tired of all the duplicative layers that cost taxpayers money. And Jennifer and I are part of a coalition of people (Republican and Democrat) who are seeking to push more local more government reform."

The guiding principle here is that Indiana has 1,008 townships serving 6.3 million Hoosiers. Do the math; for every 6,250 Hoosiers, there are a handful of locally elected township officials. Do you know who serves you? Do you know where your tax dollars are going in your township? No doubt, you do know there is waste, fraud and abuse.

The system is inefficient and antiquated. It went out with Gone with the Wind, but it's still firmly entrenched here. Let's have some reform -- bi-partisan, as suggested by the commission chaired by former Gov. Joe Kernan and Chief Justice Randy Shepard, another bi-partisan effort.

We're only 158 years or so behind the times....

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