Bad news late Friday?

Dateline: Fri 15 Aug 2008

Here is a statement sent Thursday from the Indianapolis Guild, the union representing newsroom and building services employees:

"The Indy News Guild has received several inquiries about the possibility of layoffs at The Star (as part of Gannett's widespread job cuts announcement today). As of this moment, we have no information about imminent layoffs or buyouts. However, we do expect a statement from the publisher by tomorrow, Friday, August 15. We expect that the contract will be honored under any scenario, and we will work vigorously to enforce the contract."

--- Abe Aamidor, president, Indianapolis News Guild Local 34070, and Guild officers. The Guild represents about 215 Star employees in editorial and about 25 in building services.

A source said the Guild had attempted to meet Thursday with new publisher Michael Kane, but he refused and said membership should meet with James Keough, vice president for H.R.


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